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Agape Hmong Garden

Agape Hmong Garden is a family owned business and is an outdoor cultural experience located in Hugo, MN. Our mission and hope is to create a space where we can educate, share and preserve the Hmong Culture and encourage multi-generational connections within families and community.

When you visit, you can expect to physically interact with several different Hmong tools, tour a traditional Hmong home and Laos house, wander through the peaceful property, rest under a sturdy handmade bamboo shaded bench with a garden view, observe the natural creek from the bridges and decks on the property, watch the small waterfall and water propelled grain pounder work and nature bathe in rustling sounds of the willow trees and surrounding tree garden branches.

Plan a visit and make a reservation with your Hmong friends and families and ask and listen for stories from Hmong elders about their memories in the mother-land. The memories you can make here will have you coming back year after year.

Agape Hmong Garden happily welcomes everyone of all backgrounds to come and enjoy this tranquil space. Our hope is that you will help us to create a welcoming and joyful place where everyone can dwell and find peace while preserving the Hmong Culture and while making everlasting connections and memories. 

Watch the video below for more information and inside look of Agape Hmong Garden. We hope to have you as our guests soon.

- Agape Hmong Garden

Xong Khang Mouacheupao and Family

Public Visit Dates and Times for September 2022:
Must contact 651-202-6930 to make a reservation request no later than 1 day in advance. Dates and times are subject to change without notice.

   ⁃    9/12, Monday 11am-7pm
   ⁃    9/19, Monday 11am-7pm
   ⁃    9/26, Monday 11am-7pm


Property Highlights

For your enjoyment

Above the Clouds
Hmong House

We've built a replica of a minimalist traditional Hmong House that is available for use during your stay. There is no electricity on the rental property, but plenty of windows for natural sunlight. See photos for a better visual.

Cemented Area, Wooden Stage & Pergola

This large cemented area is a great place to set up tables, chairs, used as a dance floor, you name it! There are lights hung up that can be turned on by using a generator. 


This is on a ten acre property that has wide open fields that make for a beautiful photoshoot background. Depending on the season, there may be flower fields to enjoy in the upcoming years. Peak season is July-September.

Natural Creek

Hardwood Creek is the name of the beautiful natural creek that flows throughout the property. There are bridges that connect parts of the land and is wheelchair and handicap accessible. Accessing the creek is not recommended.

Laos House, 2 Tiny Cabins and Small Waterfall

A Laos House with a beautiful view of the small waterfall and 2 tiny cabins are on the property and is available for overnight rentals! No electricity. 

Bridges and New Deck

There are three main bridges and a lovely deck overlooking the creek.

Frequently Asked Questions/ Accommodations


Where is Agape Hmong Garden located?

The Agape Hmong Garden is located in Hugo, MN 55038 on a private property consisting of 10 acres of land. Exact address is only provided after a confirmed reservation. Contact us to make a reservation.

Can I just walk-in or is there a reservation required?

NO WALK-IN'S, please. All visits are by reservation only. You can call or text 651-202-6930 to make a reservation. Please do not show up without a reservation as it is private property and may be closed due to a private event, maintenance or other reasons. We want to avoid having to turn guests away after commuting all the way to Hugo, MN.

Will I have access to the entire property?

You will have access to the spacious designated Agape Hmong Garden area and all the Property Highlights, but you will NOT have access to the Main Home on the property down the driveway. Everything else is made available to explore and enjoy.

Parking available?

Yes! There is a designated free parking area that is maintained grassland that fits about 70 vehicles. Gravel road parking is also used as overflow parking.

What type of ground can I expect and what type of shoes are recommended?

This is more of a park and garden setting and may have natural and uneven pathways or areas. Most of the property will be maintained grassland or soil with a small designated cemented area and pathway. It's recommended to wear comfortable footwear. Stilettos and heels are not recommended.

Is the property handicap and wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Most of our property is handicap and wheelchair accessible, but recommend assistance or caution as the there are some uneven pathways and steep ramps and bridges. 

Are well-behaved dogs/pets allowed?

Yes! Well behaved and friendly dogs/pets are allowed on the property if notified in advance with a small fee of $5 per dog. They must also be on-leash and monitored at all times on the property. Owners must pick up pet waste and dispose of it in the trash bin.

Is the property treated for bugs and insects?

Yes, but the bug treatment we use only lessens the amount of bugs and insects and doesn't get rid of them completely. It's recommended to bring your own bug spray or wear appropriate attire to avoid insect bites. 

Can I enter the creek?

We strongly DO NOT recommended entering the creek for your safety. Enter at your own risk. 

Is there electricity on the property for use?

Yes, but is only made available for private events for the Cemented area and we must be notified in advance if you need extension cords made available to you.


There are Portable Toilets for use and hand sanitizer. No running water. 


Safety Rules & Policies

- Renting Host must check in by texting or calling 651-202-6930 upon arrival.
- Parking is only allowed in designated parking area unless discussed otherwise.
- NO trespassing or entering any residential homes on or near the property at any time for any reason.
- NO Trespassing outside of business hours as discussed with owners.
- Children and vulnerable adults must be supervised and accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
- Explore the property with caution and at your own risk. 
- Accessing the creek is NOT recommended for safety reasons.
- Trash and recycling must be placed in appropriate bins that are provided.
- Well behaved dogs/pets are allowed at a fee of $5 per dog and must be on-leash the entire visit. Owners must pick up pet waste and disposed in trash bin.
- No dumping anything into the creek at any time.
- No human urinating or defecating on outdoor property. We have a portable toilet on-site and hand sanitizer available for guests.
- We are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.
- No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed.
- No Guns Allowed. 
- Drunken and reckless behavior is prohibited. 
- No illegal trading, gambling or activity is allowed at any time on the property.

- No hosting, charging admission or profiting for an event taking place on the property unless discussed and approved by the owners upon making a reservation request. 

- Set-up time and Cleaning time is included in your private booking hour. Meaning your group must clean, be out of the garden space and in the parking lot by the end of your booking session. Please be mindful and respectful of this and begin cleaning 15 minutes before your end time.


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