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Frequently Asked Questions / Accommodations

Where is Agape Hmong Garden located?

The Agape Hmong Garden is located on a private property consisting of 12 acres of land in Hugo, MN available by reservation only.

Will I have access to the entire property?

You will have access to the spacious designated Agape Hmong Garden area and all the Property Highlights, but you will NOT have access to the any Residential Homes on or near the property down the driveway. Everything else is made available to explore and enjoy.

Parking available?

Yes! There is a designated parking area that is maintained grassland that fits about 60 vehicles. More parking accommodations can be made if notified in advance.

What type of ground can I expect and what type of shoes are recommended?

This is more of a park and garden setting and may have natural and uneven pathways or areas. Most of the property will be maintained grassland or soil with a small designated cemented area and pathway. It's recommended to wear comfortable footwear. Stilettos and heels are not recommended.

Is the property handicap and wheelchair accessible?

Yes, however it is bumpy. Most of our property is handicap and wheelchair accessible, with the exception of access to the Laos House, but recommend assistance or caution as the there are some uneven pathways and steep ramps and bridges. 

Are well-behaved dogs/pets allowed?

Yes! Well behaved and friendly dogs/pets are allowed on the property with a fee, but must be on-leash and monitored at all times. Owners must pick up pet waste and dispose of it in the trash bin.

Is the property treated for bugs and insects?

Yes, but the bug treatment we use only lessens the amount of bugs and insects and doesn't get rid of them completely. It's recommended to bring your own bug spray or wear appropriate attire to avoid insect bites. 

Can I enter the creek?

We strongly DO NOT recommended entering the creek for your safety. Enter at your own risk. 

Is there electricity on the property for use?

Yes, there is limited electricity on the property. We can connect extension cords from our home down to the cement area only. Please inform us in advance if you'll need some electricity for private events.


There are Portable Toilets for use and hand sanitizer. No running water. 

Are Alcoholic Beverages allowed?

No. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the property.

What is the difference between PRIVATE and PUBLIC visits?
PRIVATE hourly bookings means you have the entire garden exhibit space for your use during your rented hours and no other visitors are allowed at that time except staff members. This is the best option for those who prefer more privacy or want to use this space for their group alone or for special events. Rates depend on number of people and starts are $150/hr for up to 25 people. Visit our website for more info on rates.
PUBLIC visits are when we open to the public for bookings and other visitors may be there on the property at the same date and time. Private bookings are allowed a 4 hour maximum visit because it tends to be more busy and is a good amount of time to be able to enjoy the garden space while sharing it with others. This is the best option for those who don’t mind sharing the space or smaller groups who are looking for a more affordable option. $25 per person, 4-hour maximum visit. Public Visits are only available upon availability and we will typically update our Facebook page and website of Public Dates in advance. 

Why do you require a reservation in advance?
We operate as an outdoor event space, meaning our space may be booked for PRIVATE events at various hours throughout the day. During private bookings, no others visitors are allowed on the property unless discussed with any of the owners in advance. Staff members are always present during bookings. 

Can you accommodate same day reservations or be open 24/7?
We do our best to accommodate last minute requests, however, our family's schedule and property are our priority. We use the days that we don’t have booked reservations to tend, maintain the land and rest.

How can I see what available times and dates you have for public or private bookings?
For Private bookings, you can visit our website for more info or go to the direct link: You’ll select the option that suits your reservation request. Next, select the date you’re interested in and then a start time. You’ll be prompted to fill out a form that will allow you to tell us how many hours you’d like to book.
For Public booking requests, you can view this info on our website's main page by scrolling down until you see a green box that's titled "Public Visit Dates and Times". We'll always post the dates on our facebook page as well.


Why is there a fee?
All proceeds go towards maintaining the land and keeping Agape Hmong Garden’s mission and goals alive. We’re thankful for our supporting customers!

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